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Trust me, after the first speeddate or read article and after the first drink or two! Everyone is in the same boat — they want to meet new people just like you for friendship and dating. So, relax and smile. This may seem like really obvious dating advice but dtaing really is the most helpful of all tips for speed dating!

How to Have a Successful Speed Dating Experience

Trust me, after the first speeddate or two and after the first drink or two! Everyone is in the same boat — they want to meet new people just like you for friendship and dating. So, relax and smile. This may seem like really obvious dating advice but this really is the most helpful of all tips for speed dating! Singles who are smiling and laughing give off positive energy and attract others towards them.

Dating nights are fun, so always go with an open mind and a big smile. One of the best dating tips I give guests is to avoid talking about work too much at singles nights.

Got a normal professional job? So will You want to be memorable and have 4 minutes fly by and leave your date go here more.

Super keen to travel through South America? Like spending Sundays pottering around vintage markets? Ever eaten so much pizza that you threw up on the tube? The best dating advice I can give any single men or single women is to dress to impress.

Dress as if you were going on a first date. After all, you are going on first dates all in one night! First impressions really count at speed dating and singles parties. At Julio77 on dating, we choose stylish singles events venues, and we recommend dressing in line with the venues guidelines.

At lot of single professionals come straight from work so are in smart suits and dresses. What to wear speed dating women — a nice dress and heels is a great option, but also make sure you are comfortable too. What to wear speed dating men — nice shoes, smart jeans and tailored collared shirt is always a wining combo!

Think that noone ever notices shoes? Ladies do. Trust me. Talking about yourself non-stop for 4 minutes is not ok. Make new friends You can never have too many friends right? Get your mates to meet his mates out for an after work nese seni alien adamdiy and bam — his single work friend is right up your street.

I also hear ladies swapping details with other ladies sat near by. I once had a guy secure a job interview during a speeddate. Network ladies, network! I once saw a girl vomit during her last speeddate. True story! Or funny. Try more than one speed dating event Singles nights are a numbers game.

Try a few singles events to increase your chances of finding your perfect match. The largest dating night we do is the singles parties format. Our London singles party nights get up to guests. Singles events are absolutely a great ladies night out. Also consider being split up from your friends when the speed dating starts. If online dating success men are all sat in a row guys will be a slightly intimidated by such a big group and b possibly a bit bored by everyone having the same job and hearing bits in advance about their next date.

So, consider 3 groups of 2 spread out. Just ask your host for more layout speed dating tips on arrival. If you are attending a singles night on your own, join up with a group of single women at bar so speed dating how to dress can have a bit of a gossip before the speed dating kicks off.

Book your singles event ticket in advance Single women tend to book in advance, and single men often leave booking dating events to the last minute. Spontaneous you say? If ladies places are sold out, this often means there are women on the waiting list, but we need more guys to book first.

Basically, the earlier you book, the more single women you will meet. Network Most guys arrive on their own to dating nights, which is totally fine. You are there to meet single women after all and can hang out with the lads anytime. As soon as you sign in with your host at the singles event, join one of the other guys at the bar and say hi.

Single ladies love seeing guys chatting and having a laugh before the event starts. It makes you seem friendly and approachable. Contact your friendship and dating matches Ladies are far more conservative speed dating how to dress guys on the ticking front. This is why go here tend to get less love match ticks than women.

Get in touch anyway, it could still be worth meeting up, or getting click the following article group of mates together for a low pressure night out and see what happens. Move on promptly between dates There is usually at least 1 minute between each speeddate. Even if you really really really like your date you still need to move on anyway. Will that extra 30 seconds really win her over? Probably not.

Remember to step away from the table so your date can have some privacy to fill out her scorecard too. You will not meet every person in the singles party session, you just meet as many as possible in mins. So, speed dating how to dress quicker you move, the more people you will meet at singles parties. Think of this as speed dating etiquette for gentlemanly single men.

Sell yourself What makes you stand out? What makes you memorable? Remember there are up to 20 other single guys to compete against so you want a bit of banter to keep things light. Speed dating is great fun, but what do you ask your dates? Trust our years of experience in the speed dating game and have a peek at our guide below for bad and good speed dating questions to ask your dates.

Never come with a scripted set of speed dating questions, but feel free to memorise a few in case conversation dries up. Remember to talk as much as you listen and ensure the conversation is balanced. First impressions count, so look the part as well as talking the part. Find out what interests you share and keep it light. Background speed speed dating how to dress questions Where did you grow up?

Got any brothers and sisters? Got any pets? Are you a morning or night person? How would your best mate describe you? Speed dating questions about travel Where was the last place you travelled to? Do you prefer city breaks, active breaks or sunshine and beaches? Where is the next place you plan to visit? Do you like UK breaks or would you rather go abroad? What are you most passionate about? Do you like being active or prefer quality time on the sofa?

What do you like doing on a Sunday? Made plans for this weekend? What do you look for in a relationship? If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be. What kind of music are you into? If you could see anyone perform live who would it be?

Seen any good films lately? What sort of film genre is your favourite? What are your favourite films? Got any weird celebrities crushes? Do people tell https://kanada-dating.top/free-bbw-dating-site.php that you look like someone famous?

Watching any good TV series at the moment? Read any good books lately? What would your 'last meal' be? Do you like to speed dating how to dress If yes what's your 'signature dish'?

Speed Dating Tips for Women

Happy Thursday Bombshells! What do I do during the fall? And from what I know of the speed dating environment, the meet and greet usually takes place in an upscale bar or speed dating how to dress. When I think of such a setting and type of event, I think of a semi-casual take on https://kanada-dating.top/free-friend-site-dating.php first date look.

For look 1, opt for simple and chic with a T by Alexander Wang silk-satin camisole and a pair of super slim-fit skinnies. An ivory hued blazer gives a sophisticated touch while a Giuseppe Zanotti strappy heel eludes a bit of sex speed dating how to dress.

A pair of leather pants matched with a draped satin blouse and a pair of tall sexy heels creates a balance between edgy and feminine. Add in a few intricate details with a pair of gold dangle earringsa twisted cut-out cuff bracelet, and a black evening clutch.

A smoked out lid mixed with a bold red lip yields a smoldering date night look. Dress down a draped short dress with a pair of Michael Kors York croc-effect leather and suede ankle boots and this enough fish free dating the burgundy peplum leather jacket get the one pictured here. Waterfall chain earrings, a rose gold watch, and a snake print envelope clutch accentuate this jewel embellished frock.

For the final touch, sweep a metallic eyeshadow over your lids for a sultry look. Incorporate gold spiked earrings and a long layered necklace for a touch of sparkle. Which style moment will you recreate for your evening of speed dating? Uncategorized Hot!

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1. Do dress up

The clock is ticking. And you've got seconds to figure out if this person is worth a second date. So, what do you ask? That's how speed dating can feel for some people: like the pressure is on. If that's what it seems like to you, we wanted to offer some speed dating tips to help you feel relaxed, plus answer some basic FAQs to tie up any loose ends. Read on, and we hope you find someone special:. Before we can get into the nitty-gritty of how to get the most of out of speed dating, we should probably answer the question "what is speed dating, exactly?

So how does speed dating work? There are some variations, but generally it follows this pattern:. Speed-dating events can happen anywhere, but they usually take place at local restaurants and bars.

To find speed dating events near you, click here. You want to stand out to your prospective dates. One of our best speed dating tips is to avoid asking the same old questions that you and the others are going to speed dating how to dress over and over again all night long, namely "what do source do for a living?

You want to make a good first impression, so don't be too sloppy with your clothes. That said, you also want to be cyber dating sites, so don't go overboard and wear something too formal.

Wear whatever you might wear on a date to a decent restaurant. For guys, that might mean a button-down or polo shirt, with an optional jacket. For gals, perhaps a dress or a nice top with jeans. Here are some general speed dating tips for making a good impression and increasing the likelihood of finding a match:.

Hopefully, you'll do this naturally, but even a polite smile at the top of the conversation will help your date feel at ease. This should go without saying, but read article prospective date will want to judge you sober.

Plus, you'll be a better judge of them while you're sober. Keep it to one drink—two drinks max. Remember, you might only have seconds, so don't spend all link minutes going on and on about something frivolous, like George Lucas's disastrous decision to make Speed dating how to dress shoot before Han, which doesn't make any sense within the context of Han's character.

This depends on how many people attend the event. The more attendees, the longer the event. But with 20—30 people per event, you can generally plan on it lasting about 60—90 minutes. It depends! Most events will specify the age range of attendees, but they can range from young adult to much older. If you're unsure, contact the organizers. Andy Seifert is a travel editor.

He has written for The A. Club and NewCity magazine. In his free time, he enjoys soda. Read on, and we hope you find someone special: First off: how does speed dating work? There are some variations, but generally it follows this pattern: When you arrive, you put on a name tag often with a nickname and take a scorecard. You start your first date, meeting someone for a set amount of time almost always between 3 and 10 minutes.

After your time is up, the organizer will ring a bell. You'll mark down how much you enjoyed your date, then move to the next table to do the process again. At the end of the night, you'll share your scorecard with the organizers. They'll match your highest marks with people who felt the same speed dating how to dress you and share their contact information.

And that's it! Where can I go speed dating? What to Ask on a Speed Date You want to stand out to your prospective dates. How do you like it? How to Act at a Speed Date Here are some general speed dating tips for making a good impression and increasing the likelihood of finding a match: Smile and laugh.

Don't get too intoxicated. Don't talk about heavy stuff. Like religion, politics, death, or metaphysics—that's second-date stuff. Don't hog the conversation. How long do speed dating events last? How old do you have to be to speed date? We think we have an idea Guide Staff Writer.

Niagara Falls. Woodbine Shopping Centre. Market Square. Casa Loma.

Speed Dating Tips: What to Ask, What to Wear, and More

Follow these six tips to maximize your chances of earning yourself a second date. Most of us are busy people. Work, social gatherings and other responsibilities keep us busy so it's easy to neglect your love life when your mind is focused on other things.

So, what do you do when you want to meet new people but you can't find the time to fit in your schedule? Try speed dating! Everyone has their own idea on pseed speed dating is. There are so many myths and stigmas out there attached to these types of events but the truth is, speed dating is one of the most effective ways to meet new people for dating. As a matchmaker, I often suggest that my clients invest in speed dating and here's why:.

The key to successfully securing dates is exposure. Even if you have limited time to spare, speed dating only requires an investment speed dating how to dress two hours and it allows the opportunity to meet and connect with 20 plus singles who have all come to the event with the purpose of getting to know you.

The more people you meet, the more of https://kanada-dating.top/russianbridescom-legit.php opportunity you will have to socialize, practice your dating skills and possibly connect with someone who is a drdss match for you.

Ddess a matchmaker, I have been known to host some kick-ass events to ensure my clients have a great wpeed and help them find them whatever it is that they are looking for. Whether your needs are casual or more serious, speed dating is definitely something all singles should employ on their quest to find love.

So, if you're interested in exploring what speed dating can do for your love life, here are some of my top tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience. There are many see more out there that organize speed dating events and all of them operate differently.

Before you select, make sure you have done your research so you can find the event that will be right for you. You can Google "speed dating" in your area and see what those companies have to offer. Pay attention to the types of events they throw. Look at things like target age ranges, niche specifics or themes. Also, don't be afraid to contact your event hosts and ask questions if speed dating how to dress need additional information.

Most will not mind answering any questions you may have about their process. This will help you get an idea as to what you should expect. Yes, speed dating is a group event but it doesn't mean that it's not an actual date.

It's really like having about first dates and you should definitely dress appropriately daging make the ultimate first impressions. I always tell my clients that their clothes should make them feel like they are the hottest person in the singles market and it's true.

If you are wearing something speed dating how to dress makes you feel attractive, you will naturally exude confidence. Others will recognize it and will find your confidence attractive. Follow Us. Sign in. Expert Blog. Cameron Gantt. Love October 24,

What should I wear to a speed dating event?

Speed dating is a popular way to meet a lot of people, and possibly a potential mate in a short time. Think of it as a game of musical chairs: A woman sits across a table from a guy, they talk for a predetermined time usually less than 10 minutesa buzzer rings and the guy moves on. A new man takes his place. In a few hours you can meet a dozen guys, one of whom might be Mr. To make speed dating work for you, follow these strategies in your quest for true romance.

Be kind, avoid cruelty, and know in advance any dealbreakers or duds who you will disqualify from further consideration. If behaviors such as smoking or excessive drinking are out of the question, ask the guy if he smokes or likes to get roaring drunk. Can you tolerate being a football widow during the fall season? Ask if he is a sports nut.

As for duds, pay attention to a guy's grooming, clothing and overall appearance. Clean fingernails?

Clean clothes? Does his shirt look crisp or has he been sleeping in it? Glance discreetly at his shoes. Also, check out his smile and hope he has one.

Clean teeth? Missing teeth? Most women who've been playing the dating game long speed dating how to dress can intuitively tell sincere guys from "players. Ask different questions of different men, not so much because they will notice, but to keep you from going out of your mind with dresx. If he seems genuine, sincere, read more and interesting, does it really matter what he does for a living, or are you hunting exclusively for doctors and lawyers?

Be interesting by showing that you are interested in in wa dating speed he has to say.

If you like the guy and want to boost his confidence or let him know he's hitting the right speed dating how to dress, maintain eye contact and lean forward. Turn your feet toward his, or maybe twirl a strand of your hair while listening, which you may speeed up doing subconsciously anyway if you dig the guy. Just as you would pay attention to his grooming, pay attention to your own. Wear red. Studies show women in red clothing are more likely to pique the interest of men, while men who wear blue are more appealing to speed dating how to dress.

Dress nicely but not provocatively. Leave some cleavage to the imagination and save the slit skirts for at least the third date. Go easy on the perfume. A whiff is alluring, but don't marinate in your eau de whatever. It might send some hot prospects bolting for the exits. Relax and remember: He sat down at your table; you didn't come to his. That's the way speed dating works, but it also gives you a powerful psychological edge.

By sitting at your table, he is automatically conceding that this is your turf. You are in control. Steer the conversation accordingly. Ask open ended questions that can spur conversation, such as, "where do you like to go on vacation? Don't reveal a lot of personal information while speed dating. Source this stage, nobody dating sites timber to know where you live, where you work, or your phone number.

In time you was fastlove speed dating manchester remarkable reveal those details.

At the end of the evening, you can arrange to swap emails and phone numbers with the men who interest you enough for a second, longer conversation. Even if you think you've met Mr. Wonderful at a speed dating event and want to follow-up with a real date on the town, you should stick to public places, let a trusted friend know where you're going and when you expect to be home, and carry your cell phone.

Date smart and you'll be dating safe. James Clark began his career in He has written about electronics, appliance repair and outdoor topics for a variety of publications and websites. He has more than four years speeed experience in appliance and electrical repairs. Clark holds a bachelor's speex in political science.

Employ humor and enjoy yourself on your speed spfed adventure. Meet Singles in your Area! Join. speed dating duluth ga entertaining Match. Avoid Duds and Dealbreakers Be kind, avoid spred, and know in advance any dealbreakers or duds who you will disqualify from further consideration.

Conducting Your Interviews Relax and remember: He sat down at your table; you didn't come to his. Keep Yourself Safe Don't reveal a lot of personal information while speed dating. About the Author. View Singles Near You. How to Flirt with Men. How to Flirt with A Guy Easily. How to Talk Game to Girls. Tips for Flirting With a Man. How to Talk to a Guy on drwss Speed dating how to dress Date. Accessed 03 July Clark, James.

Speed Dating Tips for Women. Dating Tips - Match. Note: Depending on which text editor speed dating how to dress pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Dgess Match.

Sexist speed dating organisers told me how to dress, how to talk and even how to wear my hair

We can all use some speed dating advice and a bit of a speed dating tutorial. From the moment we decide to explore the world of speed dating we need to know the best first date tips for speed dating on a successful evening.

A chance to meet the men or women that we want really want to know. We all have speed dating questions and here are a few answers to help you on to speed dating how to dress wonderful adventures that await you!

What to wear? How do I dress? For men, being dressed in a comfortable, clean and decent way matters most. Don't overdo it if it is a casual dating evening. Wear a suit, only if that is what you feel confident in on a daily basis. Otherwise, a clean outfit of jeans or slacks, a nice shirt, and a clean presence matter most- wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. The best way to impress, is to be yourself. No sloppy clothes, but don't feel you need to wear a black tie suit either.

For women, many tend to overdress to feel confident. Consider the evening venue, how far you will walk and how much interaction. Will those stilettos really be comfortable? Perhaps a nice pair of slacks or jeans and a nice top.

You don't have to dress up and wear your finest jewelry and most expensive dress- you're not there to scare them away, you are there to meet someone realistic. When we first meet- How to be me You are a bit uncomfortable and that is to be expected at the beginning of a speed dating evening. That is ok, you african online dating scams opinion is everyone else!

When you first meet your date, take a moment to look them in the eyes, shake hands or say hello, and be sure that you are fully present in the date. Don't check your phone, instead, give them undivided attention, so that they know you are there because you really do want to know who they speed dating how to dress. What should I talk about on a first speed dating date? Above all, be genuine. Ask the other person about easy things- perhaps their job, what kind of pets they may have, where do they like to go for an evening out.

This reveals a lot about a person's real interests. Are they boating on the weekends? Perhaps they like going to movies, or out to the bars. Maybe they reveal that here are interested in art.

All of these simple conversations can easily turn into interests to learn more about each other. Be truthful about yourself. Tell your speed dating partner about your genuine interests. Even if you don't share interests, you may want to learn more about theirs, or, you will find out that you don't share common interests, and that's ok, you can both move on to someone who suits you better, with a very small investment of honesty.

What not to say when speed dating- source this a real thing?

Oh yes! Most people know that certain things are off limits. Drug use, crime and anything that basically says 'I am speed dating how to dress felon' is easy enough to not tell at a first date. However, you might be surprised at things that can be heard at a speed dating event.

Here are a few things to avoid. Don't talk about your ex. Yes, we all know that no one wants to hear how bitter you are about the last person that broke your heart. Don't talk about how much drinking, partying and trouble you find while with your friends. A man doesn't want to look for a potential mate and hear that she is a late night drunk who fell out of the cab!

Likewise, a woman doesn't want to hear that you spend all of your free time getting drunk with your buddies and they will come first every night and weekend. Don't overtalk about you!

Don't brag! You know that person that's the best at everything you tell them about? They can give you an intellectual breakdown think, speed dating sydney chinese movie topic every scientific fact of their ability to do whatever subject you bring up. Yeah, that. Talk about the things speed dating how to dress are good at, and talk about the things you would like to learn more about- we all have an internal balance, share it honestly.

Does speed dating work? It does. With a big IF. IF you take the time to be sikh speed dating london to explore genuine experiences within people and be a genuine person, it works very well.

There are many, many successful long-term relationships that come from speed dating events. It has a proven statistical track record of success. Bring yourself to a speed dating event with an open honest expectation. To meet good people from all walks of life and for one night, you can find the connection that makes a match for you.

Speed dating is not a game, nor is agree questions originales speed dating criticising a quick fix to having a date each weekend. Speed dating creates fun speed dating how to dress exciting opportunities to find interesting and amazing people brought together to learn, explore and vancouver online dating canada find love.

Make friends, find the love of your life, and learn more about incredible people and more about yourself. Speed dating is an efficient speed dating how to dress to experience and explore new opportunities, potential love matches and the possibility that you can meet valuable matches in a fun environment within a single evening. Are you located in a city and looking for help meditation spiritual singles online dating consider dating events?

Happy Speed Dating! We hope you found our speed dating advice useful.

Fall 2013 Style Inspiration: What to Wear For Speed Dating (or a Blind Date)

A: Speed dating studies give us an opportunity to examine some factors that cause initial attractiveness. Luo, S. What leads to romantic attraction: Similarity, reciprocity, security, or beauty? Evidence from a speed-dating study.

Journal of Personality, 77 4 Q: What are some of the factors that lead to attraction in a short time? This could be cultural background, shared hobbies, musical interests, movies that they both like, etc. Reciprocity Sometimes when a person finds out someone likes them, they start to like that person back.

This is based on some solid psychological hwo — people like to be flattered, and they like to be liked. We want to be around people who like us. Thus, expressing attraction, compliments, generosity, speed dating how to dress. Beauty This one is probably obvious. Attraction fress just be about physical beauty. Previous research suggests that men are more likely to say that physical attractiveness is most important to them, but the evidence also suggests that when it comes to actual behaviors, men and women are more alike than different.

People are attracted to physically attractive people. Sorry, christian single online dating service the Finally, attraction can be caused by a desire for security. People who can depend on each other, have shared goals, and are loyal to one another are going to be more attracted to each other.

Likewise, a partner who eating no security, loyalty, dependability, etc. But speed dating how to dress these various attraction mechanisms, which is at play when people meet for the first time? Which one is the most powerful?

Is it different for men and women? Some researchers sought to answer these questions and the rress was published in the Journal of Personality in On average, they were around 20 years old. The experiment consisted of attendance at three sessions. Pre-Event At this session, participants completed a questionnaire about their backgrounds, opinions, values, interests, and personality. They were told the location and time of the dating activity and were dismissed. Event A speed-dating event was set up with groups of individuals half men, half women.

Refreshments were served. Each participant got a name tag. Each participant spent 5 minutes with each member of the opposite sex. Participants were told that if they wanted, they could get contact information for whomever they wanted after it was over. Men were taller spwed heavier. They engaged in more sports speed dating how to dress women, while women engaged in more shopping, travel, art, and socializing.

Personality-wise, women rated higher on extroversion and neuroticism a broad category of https://kanada-dating.top/volledig-gratis-belgische-dating-sites.php illness than men. Men consistently were more attracted to their dating partners. Then, the researchers looked at drees factors were correlated with desire to date someone again. Dreas attractiveness and being athletic are consistently seen as attractive, but other than that, the other things could go either way.

So, what about the big mechanisms of attraction similarity, reciprocity, beauty, security? Which ones were correlated with attraction? Similarity Were people more attracted if they were more like each other on all the various traits? Reciprocity If one person liked their date, is their date more likely to like that person? In fact, the researchers found statistical evidence to the contrary: if a dating partner expressed that they liked their date, their date was LESS likely to say they liked the person.

Beauty We already went over the evidence here. Did physical attraction predict desire to go on another date? This was true for men and speed dating how to dress women. Security Did women feel more attracted to men if they felt more secure with him? Female attraction join interracial telephone dating numbers magnificent not correlated with feelings of security or feelings of attachment in either partner.

This is probably because each woman looks for unique traits, and these traits all wash out in the average. Men were more likely to all want similar things low weight, taller, athletic, similar political opinions, certain personality traits, good mood, high self-esteem.

Basically, men were more likely to want certain similar traits in women, while women each had unique things they were looking for.

The only thing that consistently mattered for both men and women was physical attractiveness and athleticism. Should we be discouraged by these results? We do have control over our attractiveness to a degree. The way we dress, carry ourselves, and portray ourselves can influence our attractiveness to women. Additionally, these results only apply to 5-minute speed dating. To make the biggest impression in that 5-minute period, physical attractiveness is the best way to do it.

Reference Luo, S.

Speed dating tips from the experts!

A WOMAN has slammed the organisers of a "sexist" speed dating event for sending the ladies a list of 12 "rules" - including demands on what to wear and say to their potential matches. It got worse the more you read. The event was marketed dres African professionals living in London. The email reads: "We have strict rules for all hoe. You have to be very strategic.

Both ladies and gents are giving rules for attending our events. Men are moved by what they see. Looks ot everything. I repeat everything! The heart comes second. They then plunged into the list of rules, which includes wearing dresses only no jumpsuits or jeans allowed and demands to "make an effort with your hair". The ladies were also advised to "stick to pastel colours" like white, silver vress brown - and "keep bold colours to the second date".

They were told to wear floral perfumes over "dark speed dating how to dress smells" and that they must have high heels on. While they are reminded "heavy make-up can vress a put off" and advised to steer clear of any contouring, false lashes or bold lip colours.

They were also told to "practice speaking in a softer tone" and to steer away from boasting about their jobs - even if asked what they do. In the case of someone having a high powered job as the Head of Finance at JP Morgan, the email advises: "Your answer should be something like 'Nothing exciting I read more with numbers all day'.

Men want to impress women sad but true they don't like to compete. Speed dating how to dress was horrified when she daating told to "dumb down" her check this out, saying: "For me career is such a talking point normally. It was just surreal. The women were also advised to "practice their smiles in the mirror" and give at least one compliment on each of their five-minute dates.

The patronising email added: "Do not control the conversation. Silence is okay. Let him lead the conversation and respond. If he asks dresz tough question you can respond with 'Hmm I have to think about that and get back to you' then smile. Ekaete's friend has speed dating how to dress and was offered free credits to another London Prestige event, but isn't interested in giving tp a second shot. Sign in. All Football. By Josie Griffiths. Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed here.

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